Teilhard’s Intuition, Today’s Science

2014-02-10-0610globalintelligence-thumb                   (Image credit: mindcontrol.se)
Cadell Last at Huffington Post has written an interesting article on transhumanism, where the human race is headed.  He references Teilhard de Chardin, who wrote a lot about the emerging “ultra-human” in his later years.
Last indicates that the theoretical vision of Teilhard de Chardin is realized in the science of today.  “Today we can define the specific mechanisms that could realize a new world. We can actually see the singularity. We can actually touch it in laboratories around the world. Sometimes, we actually experience it in the real world of 2014.”
Last, in turn, cites a paper by cyberneticist Francis Heylighen titled: Return to Eden? Promises and Perils on the Road to Superintelligence.  He says, “Here I summarize the main technological mechanisms as described by Heylighen. I hope you will quickly realize the point of this exercise. In 2014, we live in a world with global brain technology. We live in a world where the consequences of our technological actions demonstrate that the possibilities of utopia come dangerously close to the possibilities of destruction. For example, drones can give us an automated distributed network with the ability to give anyone, anything they want, in a negligible amount of time and for negligible cost. Or… drones could be used to kill children in the developing world.”
Read the whole article at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cadell-last/the-road-to-superintellig_b_4761890.html  and give us your reflections.
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