Thanks to Teilhard…

Guest blogger Joseph F. Egan:

I first encountered Teilhard’s work, three years after his death, in a course given by Joseph Donceel SJ at Fordham University and have steeped myself in his writings ever since.  Like so many, I entered my agnostic period after graduating and it was Teilhard’s witness that kept me from floundering.  I reasoned that if one so brilliant could maintain faith in God and the Church despite the treatment he received at the hands of church authorities then I would continue seeking answers.  I am still a Catholic thanks to Teilhard.  Not a bad result from someone who was considered to be a threat to the Church.  I was one of those “waiverers” for whom Teilhard wrote The Divine Milieu.  Those “who, instead of giving themselves wholly to the Church, either hesitate on its threshold or turn away in the hope of going beyond it.”  My interest would be in exploring how to expose  waiverers to Teilhard’s guiding light which still has great power for the current generation.

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