Teilhard de Chardin speaks of incarnation

SalawusuThe Teilhard de Chardin Project offers Christmas Greetings in words taken from Teilhard de Chardin’s Mass on the World. He first wrote them in 1923 at the site pictured here, Salawusu in the Ordos Desert in Inner Mongolia.  Thanks to Marie-Anne Roger of Teilhard Monde for suggesting this quote:

Once again the Fire has penetrated the Earth….In the new humanity which is begotten today the Word prolongs the unending act of his own birth; and by virtue of his immersion in the world’s womb the great waters of the kingdom of matter have, without even a ripple, been endued with life. No visible tremor marks this inexpressible transformation; and yet, mysteriously and in every truth, at the touch of the supersubstantial Word the immense host which is the universe is made flesh. Through your own incarnation, my God, all matter is henceforth incarnate.”

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