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My name is Arlex Martínez Artunduaga. I am from Colombia, and I am a Phd student in philosophy. Currently, I am interesting in a Oxford scholarship about sciencie, philosophy and religion. This offer to support promising graduate students and early career scholars from Latin America, who wish tospend time as visiting scholars at leading universities in the United States or Europe, for up to six months duration

I consider to present one project about philosophical view about evolution and ortogenesis in Teilhard de Chardin. However, I need “One letter from their host institution stating the applicant has a place in it as long as funding is available to cover expenses, and that he/she will be joining a research group or be working with a professor for the duration of the scholarship”.

Institution must be from Europa or EEUU. I hope fin in this community somebody that can help me with the reception in some university.

Thank you for your colaboration.


Arlex Martínez Artunduaga

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