Pope Francis: Times they are a changin’

Pope Francis today gave the priests of Rome a document he wrote as Cardinal Bergoglio. In it he says that the times have changed. He does not mention Teilhard de Chardin, but there is no question that he accepts the dynamic universe of Teilhard’s understanding over the static universe the Church always embraced before Vatican II.

In his he writes, “The defining aspect of this change of epoch is that things are no longer in their place. Our previous ways of explaining the world and relationships, good and bad, no longer appears to work. The way in which we locate ourselves in history has changed. Things we thought would never happen, or that we never thought we would see, we are experiencing now, and we dare not even imagine the future. That which appeared normal to us – family, the Church, society and the world – will probably no longer seem that way. We cannot simply wait for what we are experiencing to pass, under the illusion that things will return to being how they were before”.


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