Journey of the Universe

The award-winning film Journey of the Universe has been extremely well received at screenings around the country in addition to airing extensively on PBS last year. Hosted by noted cosmologist Brian Swimme and produced by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, top officers of the American Teilhard Association, the program ā€œinvites viewers on a journey that explores the origins of the universe, the emergence of life, and the rise of humans.ā€ Check it out at

Now, in the spirit of this film, the ā€œEmergent Universe Oratorioā€ premieres September 15, 2015 at Breeding Barn at Shelburne Farms in Vermont, composed by San Guarnaccia with visual art by Cameron Davis.

Journey of the Universe and its corollary materials provide powerful tools for education. October 4-6, 2013 a conference on ā€œJourney of the Universe and High School Teaching and Learningā€ will be held at Lawrenceville School in New Jersey.

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