Pope Benedict XVI Blesses Teilhard Assembly

In his Angelus address in St. Peter’s square Nov. 11, 2012, the pope acknowledged and blessed a group present in the square who were in Rome to attend a Colloquium on Teilhard de Chardin at the Gregorian University.
You can view a video of his Angelus speech at http://player.rv.va/vaticanplayer.asp?language=it&tic=VA_JK3PJIS3. At about 13:30 in the speech he says, “Sono lieto di salutare i partecipanti al convegno sul Padre Teilhard de Chardin, tenutosi in questi giorni alla Ā«GregorianaĀ». In English: I am pleased to greet the participants at the conference on Father Teilhard de Chardin, held these days in the “Gregorian.”


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