For almost a decade an intrepid band of Teilhardistas have been caring for Teilhard’s grave in Hyde Park, NY, on the grounds of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA).  The effort was originally led by Dr. Jacqueline Francois, and her late husband, Pierre.  They were soon joined by a team of their former French students, which today includes Elaine Sackmann, Rose Marie Occhino, Marie Rhodes, and Mary Jane Dooley.  Twice each year they renew their landscaping of the gravesite.  (Most of the team led by Jacqueline are in the picture below).

With this lovely floral arrangement, Teilhard’s resting place is appropriately set for Christmas and whatever winter brings. Notice the large number of stones on the top of his tombstone, indicating the many people who have visited his grave.

Thank you to these dedicated women for the sake of all of us!

Frank and Mary Frost

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