Letter from a “Happy Atheist”

Guest blog from Harry Ansems:

Our Individual Survival

In my younger years as a pupil of a grammar school I read  Teilhard de Chardin’s  The Human Phenomenon. Afterwards I never found a more inspiring book.  The idea of a natural inner force (the inside of all matter) which leads us all to an universal, transhuman consciousness has remained with me all along.  The consequence of growing consciousness for mankind is that we are on the way to a stage of utmost mental intensity and connection  (the Omega-Point).

In this whole idea I considered many times the need of so many people for a happy individual survival into eternity. I asked myself: If we will have this stage of supreme consciousness in the future, why should we then have need ¬†of a limited human individuality such as we are now used to? I am convinced that all our worries about the survival of¬† our individual personality have to do with our still limited consciousness and our present state of mind. We humans are not yet prepared to think really in space and time, as we are still too much fixed on our temporal bodies. Should we for instance in our evolved world of consciousness regret that we did not survive in the form of our ape-like ancestor of that time ¬†with his personal ape-body and his personal ape-mind? ¬†Teilhard the Chardin foresaw that the deeper our inner forces are expanding the more we abstract from individuality and the more we tend to connectedness and ¬†love.¬† Regarding this it is clear in my opinion that we also don‚Äôt ¬†need a personal human-like fatherly God.¬† What we need is respect for the Inside of the whole nature and an open mind for science and altru√Įsm. In fact Teilhard made me a happy athe√Įst.

For more explanation visit my website:  www.transhumansociety.eu

Harry Ansems

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