Guest Blog on Transhumanism

Guest blogger Harry Ansems writes from The Netherlands:

Futurologists are studying the possibility of the development of mankind towards a cyborg-species, creatures that are partly man and partly machine. Think, for instance, of a genetically upgraded human, provided with all kinds of technical devices such as brain implanted chips to link with a supercomputer and by that capable to extend memory and thinking power enormously. Indeed not much fantasy is needed to predict that, if mankind accepts this development, the existence of such creatures will be possible in the not so remote future. But these technical implications concern only one aspect of human reality. Human beings should also improve in terms of human consciousness and ethical matters. It must be admitted that Teilhard de Chardin, who was not only an important scientist but also a great philosopher, forsaw an evolution of mankind towards a strongly collectified species of a high psychical level. This process is now just started with internet and worldwide communication!
—  For further information read my articles “Our future world: A transhuman society” and “The unstoppable advance of artificial intelligence” on my website  .
Harry Ansems

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