New Cantata inspired by Teilhard


A new musical composition inspired by Teilhard de Chardin and incorporating his words was recently performed for the first time in Paris.  “Hymn of the Universe” is a cantata composed by Jean-Christophe Rosaz using texts from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  It was presented January 20, 2018, at St. Francis de Sales Church in Paris.  Performing were the Youth Choir of Ile de France and the Bel’ Arte Orchestra, directed by Pierre-Louis de Laporte.  Marie-Christine Barrault recited the texts, with Raphaëlle Boutillier, soprano, and Guillaume Palissy, baritone.  Present at the performance were notable figures in the French Teilhard scene, including François Cheng, Marie Bayon de la Tour, Marie-Jeanne Coutagne, Thierry Magnin, Bertrand Vergely, Julien Lambert, and Remo Vescia.  You can listen to the performance at this link.

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