What They’re Saying About The Film…

Since its broadcast debut and its availability for streaming this May ~ and even before that, at multiple film screening ~ viewers have been singing the praises of TEILHARD: Visionary Scientist. Here is a sampling:

If you know Teilhard, this film is for you.
If you don’t know Teilhard, this film is for you.

Exactly what so many of us who find deep wisdom in Teilhard’s life and work have longed to see, presented in an intelligent, informed, professional, and artistic way.

So beautifully done! Totally gripping! So wide in scope and imagery, so rich in information! A fantastic piece of work!

What Teilhard accomplished [shows us] how science can help us put the whole of human experience into perspective.

I was deeply moved. You did a wonderful work.

The truth portrayed in this film is deeply touching, sometimes tears.

What a superb cinematic achievement!

A great gift to both those who know and love Teilhard’s thought already and for future generations who will discover it.

I was enthralled.

A universal tale intertwined with love, loss, struggle, passion.

The quality of this production could not be better. It is simply fabulous and hearty CONGRATULATIONS to the filmmakers Frank and Mary Frost. A MUST see!

Such a wonderful and insightful biopic!! I learned numerous things I didn’t know about Teilhard. This will allow me to cite him even more frequently in anything I might write in the future. I feel humbled when I see his prodigious output. Again, a magnificent job!

Even more wonderful that I hoped. Thank you so very much for this great labor of Love!

Outstanding presentation watched it numerous times on the PBS app. Well done and thanks to the production team.

An engaging film to remind our church to let the Spirit open our faith experience to science and vice versa.

What a powerful and visually stunning film.

Inspiring and important story for our times. Science and faith are not mutually exclusive.

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