1st May, 2019.
This post comes from from Dan Driscoll, of Nova Scotia-Canada.

A birth-anniversary for Teilhard! I wish to write a few paragraphs here which can be posted on website or archived for future reference, whichever is appropriate. My statement relates to an aspect of ā€˜the phenomenon of manā€™ which for the most part is either ignored or quite misunderstood by the general population. I refer to ā€˜miraculous healingā€™, which has been an integral part of ā€˜the faith traditionā€™; the ā€˜canonization processā€™ has for long had ā€˜miracle requirementā€™. By this time Iā€™m sure that Pope Francis himself is aware of a worldwide movement to promote the elevation of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to status of Doctor of the Church, and I conjecture that this implies canonization of Teilhard as a Saint.
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Today marks the 64th anniversary of Teilhardā€™s daeath, and you have the chance to celebrate the feast of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, if you worship in the Episcopal liturgical tradition. If not, you can still join in spirit. Here are some intercessions and a prayer from todayā€™s liturgy:


O cosmic Christ, you are present in the heart  of the world; may we reverence you in all your works.

Unifying Center of the Universe, you draw all things to yourself; bring all creation to the fullness of being.

Redeemer of the World; help us to protect our environment for future generations.

God of the heavens; may our ventures into space be for the good of humankind and in accord with gospel values.

Christ, The Alpha and the Omega; may all who have died enjoy the glory of the resurrection and aid us on our way.

PRAYER: We give you thanks, Creator God, for your servant Teilhard, and for all those who help us to see your in our universe.  May creation be continually transformed that all may share in the life, death and resurrection of God become human, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Teilhard Project in the News

The Teilhard de Chardin Project, and its broadcast documentary under production, made national news this week. We are pleased to have our story told in National Catholic Reporter.

Our goal is to reach a broad audience, not limited to Catholics, who are interested in the interaction of science and faith — and in a good human story. Teilhard’s cosmic vision is something the whole world needs.

Many thanks to you, our loyal supporters and donors, who have brought us this far.

Read the whole article here.

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                        Your financial gift will help complete our Teilhard documentary.

 Go to www.teilhardproject.com/donations to select your preferred method for giving.    We appreciate your generosity.

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For almost a decade an intrepid band of Teilhardistas have been caring for Teilhard’s grave in Hyde Park, NY, on the grounds of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA).  The effort was originally led by Dr. Jacqueline Francois, and her late husband, Pierre.  They were soon joined by a team of their former French students, which today includes Elaine Sackmann, Rose Marie Occhino, Marie Rhodes, and Mary Jane Dooley.  Twice each year they renew their landscaping of the gravesite.  (Most of the team led by Jacqueline are in the picture below).

With this lovely floral arrangement, Teilhard’s resting place is appropriately set for Christmas and whatever winter brings. Notice the large number of stones on the top of his tombstone, indicating the many people who have visited his grave.

Thank you to these dedicated women for the sake of all of us!

Frank and Mary Frost

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