Easter Reflection Inspired by Teilhard

Delia Smith on Teilhard, God, and Easter

The thing, I believe, that underpins any kind of convergence is love, which is, if you like, the end of the story,’ says Delia

When asked by The Telegraph this Easter to share something of her belief in God, Delia Smith turned to the words of Teilhard: “To those who only know it outwardly, Christianity seems desperately intricate. In reality, taken in its main lines, it contains an extremely simple and astonishingly bold solution to the world.”

Teilhard continues, “In the centre, so glaring as to be disconcerting, is the uncompromising affirmation of a personal God: God as providence, directing the universe with loving, watchful care; and God the revealer, communicating himself to man on the level of and through the ways of intelligence.”

“Those words describe absolutely what I believe,” says Delia Smith.  “They are from a book called The Human Phenomenon, written by a French Jesuit priest called Teilhard de Chardin.”

Read the full Telegraph article here.

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