Teilhard Opened a Door

In this guest blog poet Charles C. Finn shares a personal journey enabled by Teilhard de Chardin.

by Charles C. Finn

It was Teilhard de Chardin who opened the door for me into a new universe back in my Jesuit years. Scientist, priest, visionary, cosmic storyteller, poet, mystic—how hard it is to capture all that he was and stood for. “Such has been my experience in contact with the earth—the diaphany of the Divine at the heart of the universe on fire”—this from The Divine Milieu gives us a clue into why Teilhard received such opposition from conservative religious establishment and materialistic scientific community alike. He was far too Earth-enchanted for the former, far too mystical for the latter. Continue reading “Teilhard Opened a Door” »

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Teilhard’s Catholicism and Conscious Evolution

Some months ago, when Cardinal Gerhard Mueller criticized the Leadership Conference of Women Religious for inviting Barbara Marx Hubbard to speak on “conscious evolution” at their annual conference, David Gibson ignited a stimulating press dialogue with his article “U.S. Nuns Haunted by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.” At that time Drew Christiansen, SJ, waded in with the article below in America Magazine. As we fell behind, we neglected to post it until now.

Teilhard’s Catholicism

By Drew Christiansen | “America Magazine” May 23 2014

During his lifetime and especially since the posthumous publication of his writings the late Jesuit paleontologist and spiritual writer Pierre Teilhard de Chardin did as much to renew the faith of 20th-century Catholics and inspire non-believers as any single Catholic figure, with the possible exception of Saint John XXIII. Though not an apologist, he did more than any controversialist to reconcile faith with science and to teach scientists about the spiritual character of their work (see, for example, my article “With Teilhard on the Slope,” America, Dec. 13, 2010). Continue reading “Teilhard’s Catholicism and Conscious Evolution” »

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The church and the divided brain

The following was posted on the Global Sisters Report, a project of the National Catholic Reporter.

The church and the divided brain, by Ilia Delio, OSF7973488-the-night-sky-in-stars-and-blue-galaxies

The efforts of Pope Francis to reach out to the poor, awaken a connectedness to the Earth and welcome the marginalized into community are inspiring and noteworthy, but they do little to change the present church into a living church consonant with the new cosmos of which we now know ourselves to be members.

Yes, the church has a vital role in helping the world move forward toward unity through the Gospel values of peace and justice, but such movement will not happen unless there is a conscious awakening to the expanding universe and the evolution of biological life, an awakening to the cosmos as our home. Can the church revitalize the Gospel life as one that embraces change, complexity, chaos, future and new creation? Can we envision the emergence of new forms of Gospel life? I do not think this is possible unless we reconnect ourselves – not simply to the world in which we are living – but to the world we are discovering through science and technology.   Continue reading “The church and the divided brain” »

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Teilhard de Chardin on Suffering

Verdun Memorial Chapel stained glass of litterbearers.

Stained glass of WWI litter-bearers in the Memorial Chapel at Verdun. Teilhard de Chardin served in this capacity at Verdun and in 66 other battles.

from Guest Blooger Yurii Ramos….

Suffering, although not a central theme in Teilhard de Chardin, is a very significant and effective one. It opens ones eyes toward one of the most beguiling of human mysteries. Here are some excerpts from On Suffering published by Harper and Row Publishers.  [Numbers in brackets are page numbers of the source.]


On Suffering by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Into your hands O Lord I commend my spirit

Prepared by Yurii C. Ramos

Should those who suffer be jealous of those who are not suffering as they are?
The obscure, the useless, the failures, should take joy in the superiority of the others whose triumph they lend support to or pay for. [1] Continue reading “Teilhard de Chardin on Suffering” »

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Book review: From Teilhard to Omega

From Teilhard.com:

I was hoping to have a series of book reviews over the Northern Hemisphere summer. However, daily activities such as work, kids baseball games and family activities present precious little time for reading much less writing reviews.from_teilhard_omega

One book at the top of (way too big) to-read list is From Teilhard to Omegaa compilation of essays edited by Sr. Ilia Delio, one of the world’s foremost Teilhard scholars.  As I have not yet read it, I was pleased to discover that the outstanding site of the British Jesuits, Thinking Faith, recently had a review of Sr. Delio’s book.  Set forth below is an excerpt:

In “From Teilhard to Omega”, the Franciscan theologian and scientist, Ilia Delio, has challenged thirteen experts on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) to update for a new generation the writings of this French Jesuit and paleoanthropologist. Delio chose her experts carefully and so we are presented with a series of wonderful essays through which we can better understand Teilhard, but the real challenge of this book is to assimilate its words into one’s person and practice.

Continue reading “Book review: From Teilhard to Omega” »

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