Teilhard in a Contemporary Context:  Bolstering the Socio-political Development of Nations with Caring Networks of Persons

by Mike McFarland

This essay tries to take a look at the main property of the world’s progress, by placing one of The Phenomenon of Man’s more appealing and accessible passages into a contemporary perspective. 

In 1945, largely to prevent war and to assuage poverty, world governments established the United Nations.  In the 1990s, to free their countries from border checks, European leaders implemented the Schengen Area.  Continue reading “WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW” »

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Heartfelt thanks to our Teilhard Project colleague Jacqueline Francois for placing this wreath at the grave of Teilhard de Chardin in Hyde Park, NY.  She and her husband, Pierre, and several of their friends have been landscaping the site for a number of years.  Sadly, Pierre died suddenly this past year, but Jacqueline and the others will continue to tend Teilhard’s grave.  In sending this photo, Jacqueline notes that this year, “Unfortunately the strong pelting rain had stirred up the soil kicked aside by Alex, the devoted woodchuck!” 

On New Years Day, 1932, Teilhard was encamped with 30 or so colleagues who had been traveling together under difficult circumstances for the previous nine months.  They were on the last leg of the journey and were eager to be home.  Teilhard invited them to join him at sunrise for a religious service.  Many of them were not believers, but they nevertheless all joined him.

As the sun came up he began,
“My dear friends, we have met this morning to come before God at the beginning of this new year.  Of course, probably, for not one of us here does God mean, or seem, the same thing as for any other of us.”  

Then he went on to pray, “What we ask of that universal presence which envelops us all, is first to unite us, as in a shared, living, center with those whom we love, those who, so far away from us here, are themselves beginning this same new year.”

In the spirit of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, we wish you and all those you love, wherever they may be, a joyful new year with a renewed zest for life!

Frank and Mary Frost

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Merry Christmas to all!

Many thanks to Jacqueline Francois for honoring the grave of Teilhard de Chardin in Hyde Park, NY, with a Christmas wreath.  And for sharing this photo.  She writes about the day she placed the wreath, “Unfortunately the strong pelting rain had stirred up the soil kicked aside by Alex, the devoted woodchuck!”

To all viewers, A Very Merry Christmas to you!

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Depiction in Shuidonggu Museum, Inner Mongolia, of Emile Licent, SJ, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, arriving at a remote inn where they discover a trove of fossils.

After a very successful July-August shoot in Auvergne, France, we now look ahead to 2017, with a plan to shoot in China and Inner Mongolia in May.  There we will capitalize on the site visits we made in 2013.  We’ll capture on video Zhoukoutien, where Peking Man was discovered.  And we’ll also trace the steps of Teilhard’s first expedition with Emile Licent, SJ, in 1923, when they traversed the Ordos desert and where Teilhard wrote “Mass on the World.”  But there is much more to the story than is usually told – Continue reading “NEXT STOP: CHINA” »

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Teilhard Documentary Leaps Forward

DSC_0987-c-sThe Chaine des Puy volcanic mountains in Auvergne, France

The Teilhard de Chardin Project achieved a major milestone this month by successfully filming in the Auvergne region of France.  Here Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was born, was home schooled, and scoured the mountainous fields and forests for rocks, fossils, and plants that he meticulously labeled under the tutelage of his father.  “Auvergne molded me,” he wrote in later years. “Auvergne served me both as museum of natural history and as wildlife preserve.”

Continue reading “Teilhard Documentary Leaps Forward” »

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