Teilhard de Chardin on Suffering

Verdun Memorial Chapel stained glass of litterbearers.

Stained glass of WWI litter-bearers in the Memorial Chapel at Verdun. Teilhard de Chardin served in this capacity at Verdun and in 66 other battles.

from Guest Blooger Yurii Ramos….

Suffering, although not a central theme in Teilhard de Chardin, is a very significant and effective one. It opens ones eyes toward one of the most beguiling of human mysteries. Here are some excerpts from On Suffering published by Harper and Row Publishers.  [Numbers in brackets are page numbers of the source.]


On Suffering by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Into your hands O Lord I commend my spirit

Prepared by Yurii C. Ramos

Should those who suffer be jealous of those who are not suffering as they are?
The obscure, the useless, the failures, should take joy in the superiority of the others whose triumph they lend support to or pay for. [1] Continue reading “Teilhard de Chardin on Suffering” »

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Book review: From Teilhard to Omega

From Teilhard.com:

I was hoping to have a series of book reviews over the Northern Hemisphere summer. However, daily activities such as work, kids baseball games and family activities present precious little time for reading much less writing reviews.from_teilhard_omega

One book at the top of (way too big) to-read list is From Teilhard to Omegaa compilation of essays edited by Sr. Ilia Delio, one of the world’s foremost Teilhard scholars.  As I have not yet read it, I was pleased to discover that the outstanding site of the British Jesuits, Thinking Faith, recently had a review of Sr. Delio’s book.  Set forth below is an excerpt:

In “From Teilhard to Omega”, the Franciscan theologian and scientist, Ilia Delio, has challenged thirteen experts on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) to update for a new generation the writings of this French Jesuit and paleoanthropologist. Delio chose her experts carefully and so we are presented with a series of wonderful essays through which we can better understand Teilhard, but the real challenge of this book is to assimilate its words into one’s person and practice.

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Charity and progress

From Teilhard.com:

“Christian detachment subsists wholly in this wider attitude of mind: but instead of ‘leaving behind’ it leads on; instead of cutting off, it raises. It is no longer a breakaway but a way through; no longer a withdrawal but an act of emerging. Without ceasing to be itself, Charity spreads like an ascending force, like a common essence at the heart of all forms of human activity, whose diversity is finally synthesized in the rich totality of a single operation. Like Christ Himself, and in His image, it is universalized, it acquires a dynamic and is humanized by the fact of doing so.”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Future of Man, p. 88


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Webinar: The entangled state of God and humanity

The Entangled State of God and Humanity, presented by the Asheville Jung Center

Presenter: Peter Todd
Date: Thursday, June 12, 2014 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM (Eastern US Time Zone)

**Please click here to look up your country’s relative live starting time**

$17.95 per person – Live webinar [includes unlimited access to recorded video]
$15.95 per person – Recorded webinar only [includes unlimited access to recorded video]

This webinar will be very long and the recording will be released in sections as they become available.

Click here to register

This webinar is derived from Peter Todd’s book published by Chiron Publications in November 2012 and titled The Individuation of God: Integrating Science and Religion. Having countered the critique of all religion in Richard Dawkins bestselling book The God Delusion and provided an incisive critique of religious fundamentalism in its various guises as a Jungian shadow, the lecture proceeds to present the case for a third millennium theology which is illuminated by insights from Jung’s archetypal psychology, quantum physics, neuroscience and evolutionary biology. This theology dispenses with the pre-Copernican, patriarchal, anthropomorphic image of God and argues for the existence of a numinous principle implicit in cosmology and the cosmic evolutionary process. It explores the collaboration between physicist and Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli and C.G. Jung and the paradigm shift in cosmology whereby the classical mechanist physics of Newton is replaced by the quantum and relativity revolutions.MANDALA Continue reading “Webinar: The entangled state of God and humanity” »

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Pentecost: Unleashing the fire of the Holy Spirit

Posted on Teilhard.com:

This weekend is the celebration of Pentecost, which marks the end of the Easter Season. The readings can be found here.  The coming of the Holy Spirit is often represented by tongues of fire.  Fire was also prominent for Teilhard de Chardin, ranging from his famous quote on harnessing the energies of love to the deeply mystical Mass on the World.

Today’s reflection is a composite of quotes from multiple sources.  The first is from courtesy of Patricia Datchuck Sánchez, courtesy of National Catholic Reporter:

 “The day will come,” said Teilhard de Chardin, “when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire.” In a sense the annual feast of Pentecost is another opportunity, placed in the path of the believer, for discovering and participating in the ever-present fire which is God’s love. Pentecost rounds out and climaxes the Easter event. All that we have remembered and celebrated, viz., Jesus’ saving death, his resurrection and ascension to glory, all of these sacred events took place so that the Holy Spirit might be unleashed upon the world.” — Patricia Datchuck Sánchez
pentecost Continue reading “Pentecost: Unleashing the fire of the Holy Spirit” »

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