“Come and See” — Reflections of a Life-long Teilhardian

by Daniel Driscoll

As friends and associates may recall, I have been something of a life-long devotee in respect to the spiritual vision of the French Jesuit scientist and ‘seer’, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Normally when I open a new book dealing with philosophical or theological content I check the Index to see if the author includes Teilhard in citation; and on first entering a book-lending or sales outlet, I tend to check the Inventory File to discover what ‘Teilhard books’ might be found there. For instance, in our local Seminary Library (Halifax, Canada); now referred to as a ‘School of Theology’) the handful of cards for titles ‘by or about Teilhard’ is nearly two inches thick; of course this can be deceiving; going to stacks and checking loan-history slips may reveal that the volume has not been actually read by many. Continue reading ““Come and See” — Reflections of a Life-long Teilhardian” »

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A Reflection on Seeing

This post comes to us from Michael McFarland, Notre Dame University

Those who wish to be leaders in our own day and in the future would do well to read The Phenomenon of Man, for what it says about vision. We are in the midst of ISIS, a quasi-nation that stands in relation to nations as a virus to cells, rises up to kill and to wage war. Whole countries strive to destroy other countries, and the situation looks apocalyptic.

What does a nation need for survival? The proverb goes, “Without vision, a nation perishes.” So, our times need citizens and, among them, leaders who possess vision. Plato regarded courage as a combination of boldness and wisdom. Wisdom includes vision. So, vision forms an obviously important part of courage. Where does a young person get vision?

Let me present a reflection on the foreword to The Phenomenon of Man. Teilhard called the foreword, “On Seeing”.   Continue reading “A Reflection on Seeing” »

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Seeking Help


My name is Arlex Martínez Artunduaga. I am from Colombia, and I am a Phd student in philosophy. Currently, I am interesting in a Oxford scholarship about sciencie, philosophy and religion. This offer to support promising graduate students and early career scholars from Latin America, who wish tospend time as visiting scholars at leading universities in the United States or Europe, for up to six months duration

I consider to present one project about philosophical view about evolution and ortogenesis in Teilhard de Chardin. However, I need “One letter from their host institution stating the applicant has a place in it as long as funding is available to cover expenses, and that he/she will be joining a research group or be working with a professor for the duration of the scholarship”.

Institution must be from Europa or EEUU. I hope fin in this community somebody that can help me with the reception in some university.

Thank you for your colaboration.


Arlex Martínez Artunduaga


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17 auvergne 017 TdC age 12-ss                                                                  Teilhard at age 10

Today is the 134th birthday of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

What were the hopes of his mother, Berthe-Adele, and his father, Emmanuel, on that day  May 1, 1881, when their fourth child was born?  They would transmit to this boy the fiery piety of his mother and the observant attention to nature of his father.  But they could not have foreseen all the drama awaiting the life of this child.  Nor the transformative influence he would exercise in the Catholic Church and the world, long after his life ended.

We celebrate today his contributions to our world, rife with contention between science and religion, eagerly seeking to see where continuing evolution will lead us.

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Yale Conference extends legacy of Teilhard and Thomas Berry

, BerryConfNovember 7-9, 2014, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim hosted an overflow crowd at the Yale Divinity School for their conference, “Living Cosmology: Christian Responses to ‘Journey of the Universe.'” Jamie L. Manson covers the story for National Catholic Reporter.  She says “The conference was a historic gathering of many of the finest theologians, ethicists and activists in North America, all of whom joined together to contemplate the ways in which the Christian tradition can open more fully to a sense of the sacredness of the universe and the flourishing of the earth community.”  Read the full article here.

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