What If Teilhard Had Been Allowed to Publish?

A Guest Post by Donald Rohmer

I’ve read that Teilhard de Chardin was forbidden to publish his work because it contradicted original sin and the resulting need for a redeemer. Teilhard struggled with the idea of original sin in the essays published, after his death, in Christianity and Evolution. In “Reflections on Original Sin,” he presents a theory of why original sin does not contradict evolution. I was unable to follow the argument, and probably would not have understood it even if my ebook had not dropped one or more lines of text at a crucial point in its development. But its substance is that “in this explanation original sin ceases to be an isolated act and becomes a state (affecting the human mass as a whole, as a result of an endless stream of transgressions punctuating mankind in the course of time).” Continue reading “What If Teilhard Had Been Allowed to Publish?” »

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The Omega: A Reflection on The Phenomenon of Man’s Endpoint

Guest post by  Mike McFarlandOMEGA FLARE MOCKUP-CJesus as Omega gently pulls us by person-to-person love to the future, the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven. You can imagine a solid cone, pointed up. The cords of God’s love stretch from the Omega Point to us. The cords make up the solid cone. Like a 3D graph, the axis of time passes vertically through Omega. We stand at the base of the cone. On the cords of God’s love, Jesus at the apex pulls. As a result, we move both up and closer together. In the second, significantly more “realistic” – both in the popular sense and from a historical viewpoint – and more consistent with scripture, of two hypotheses concerning the way in which we meet Omega : Continue reading “The Omega: A Reflection on The Phenomenon of Man’s Endpoint” »

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Teilhard’s “Mass on the World” Video

MOTW title 2-sTeilhard de Chardin’s  mystical essay “Mass on the World” was performed at Georgetown University April 9, 2015.  It was staged to honor its author on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of his death.  A video of this performance can be seen here.  This 28-minute version consists of excerpts taken from the much longer text of the full Mass on the World.

In the summer of 1923 Teilhard de Chardin was working a paleontological dig on the edge of the Ordos Desert in Inner Mongolia.   As a priest he had always tried to say Mass daily. So when camping out in primitive conditions made this impossible, his let his mystical sense take hold. The Eucharist for him was more than a matter of consecrating and offering up tokens of bread and wine.

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Teilhard Seminar video available

20150409 President 0029      Panel members: John F. Haught, PhD;  Ilia Delio OSF, PhD; Frank Frost, PhD
(moderator);  John Grim, PhD; and Kathleen Duffy, SSJ, PhD.

Georgetown University recently honored Teilhard de Chardin on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of his death, by hosting a seminar and a multi-media presentation of Teilhard’s Mass on the World. A stellar panel of Teilhard scholars engaged in a lively discussion before a full house on “Teilhard de Chardin: His Importance in the 21st Century.”

We are pleased to say that the video is now available on the Georgetown University website. To access the video, click here.

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Eugene Kennedy dies

Eugene Kennedy diesWe note with great sadness the passing of Eugene Kennedy, a member of the Teilhard de Chardin Project’s Honorary Board.  And a wonderful friend for many years, since we first collaborated on the television documentary, “Bernardin.”  May he bring his intelligence, wit, and deep sense of spirit to others in heaven as on earth.


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