Teilhard Documentary Leaps Forward

DSC_0987-c-sThe Chaine des Puy volcanic mountains in Auvergne, France

The Teilhard de Chardin Project achieved a major milestone this month by successfully filming in the Auvergne region of France.  Here Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was born, was home schooled, and scoured the mountainous fields and forests for rocks, fossils, and plants that he meticulously labeled under the tutelage of his father.  “Auvergne molded me,” he wrote in later years. “Auvergne served me both as museum of natural history and as wildlife preserve.”

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Teilhard Project to film in Teilhard’s birthplace

DSC_0887-m-sChurch in which Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was baptized.

Thanks to a generous response to our recent  appeal for funds we’re delighted to say we will soon be filming in France.  At the end of July we will be taking a film crew to shoot in the Auvergne region of France.  Our shooting will cover the first 10 years of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s life — the house he was born in and was home schooled in by his mother (Sarcenat), the hills and fields he walked with his trained-naturalist father, the church he was baptized in, the rocky river bank he explored for stones, the mountains he climbed, the city streets of Clermont-Ferrand that he walked.

Further shooting will cover the time period in his 60s when he would retreat in the summer to the estate, called Moulins, owned by his brother Joseph and managed by Joseph’s daughter and son-in-law, Henri du Passage. This is where Teilhard convalesced from a heart attack, where he would come for a month of spiritual and physical refreshment, where he would say Mass in the home chapel, where he would write letter after letter to his many correspondents and would work on his manuscripts.

DSC_0724-csAll of this shooting is possible due to the warm hospitality of the Teilhard family members who own these houses today.  Chief among them is Henri du Passage, who we interviewed in Paris last September, and who arranged for us to film in the family houses.   Very sadly, Henri passed away this past June and will not be there to welcome us.  We are so grateful that we were able to film his personal recollections of Teilhard before his unexpected death.  We will report on the September interview in subsequent posts and will also let you know how the shooting goes.  Thank you all for your ongoing support!

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Remembering Harold Morowitz

Harold Morowitz was an advisor on our Teilhard de Chardin Project.  He was always generous with his time and insight and we will miss him.  He had a great sense of humor, as the titles of his books indicate.  Generally his books required more science that I had, but found his book The Emergence of Everything: How the World Became Complex to be something we could appreciate.

We offer our sincere condolences to his wife and children.

From the New York Times:

Harold Morowitz

Harold Morowitz, 88, Biophysicist, Dies; Tackled Enigmas Big and Small

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Cosmosapiens — a fresh look at evolution

CS0L_O3WUAAdj1z cosmosapiensI haven’t yet read Cosmosapiens, but it looks very interesting.  Here is a KIRKUS review of it referred to The Teilhard de Chardin Project by our scholar Stephen White:

COSMOSAPIENS: How We Are Evolving from the Origin of the Universe
by John Hands

Hands has spent the last 10 years assembling a critical overview of scientific orthodoxy in an attempt to answer the fundamental questions “what are we?” and “why are we here?”

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A God for Evolution

Teilhard once wrote “Who, at last, will give us a God for evolution?”   Gregory McAllister, in the guest blog below, takes a swing at answering Teilhard’s question in the context of current events.


Lately I find myself thinking about God again.

Maybe it’s because I’ve recently become friends with several Baba Lovers, followers of Meher Baba, and I’ve begun reading some of his writings. He claims that creation is a gradual process of God’s evolving Consciousness, first as inanimate creatures, then as animals, then as humans, and eventually as enlightened beings who remember they’re God.

It reminds me of Teilhard’s notions about everything having consciousness, evolving through the lithosphere, the biosphere, and eventually the noosphere. Continue reading “A God for Evolution” »

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