The time is right to introduce Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to a new generation – the man, the paleontologist, the visionary French Jesuit priest, whose relentless effort to reframe his beliefs in the light of evolution led to a paradigm shift in the relationship of science and religion.  He foresaw the evolutionary emergence of the internet, globalization, and today’s transhumanism movement, although he was perhaps overly optimistic in his vision.  His legacy includes a strong environmental movement, and multiple movements in cosmic spirituality.


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Happy Birthday, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin!

May 1.

On this day in 1881, a son was born to Emmanuel Teilhard de Chardin and his wife Berthe Adèle de Dompierre d’Hornoy. They named him Pierre Marie Joseph. He was their fourth child and second son. Eventually they would have eleven children, with no reason to think Pierre would be special among them, much less leave a lasting impact on the world.

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An interesting article on Teilhard de Chardin with an unusual angle. Thanks to Jacqueline Francois for bringing it to our attention.…/culinary-institute-cemetery-…/


Teilhard in a Contemporary Context:  Bolstering the Socio-political Development of Nations with Caring Networks of Persons

by Mike McFarland

This essay tries to take a look at the main property of the world’s progress, by placing one of The Phenomenon of Man’s more appealing and accessible passages into a contemporary perspective. 

In 1945, largely to prevent war and to assuage poverty, world governments established the United Nations.  In the 1990s, to free their countries from border checks, European leaders implemented the Schengen Area.  Continue reading “WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW” »

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