The time is right to introduce Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to a new generation – the man, the paleontologist, the visionary French Jesuit priest, whose relentless effort to reframe his beliefs in the light of evolution led to a paradigm shift in the relationship of science and religion.  He foresaw the evolutionary emergence of the internet, globalization, and today’s transhumanism movement, although he was perhaps overly optimistic in his vision.  His legacy includes a strong environmental movement, and multiple movements in cosmic spirituality.


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From guest blogger Ilia DelioWe have just embarked on a new year, but I wonder what the “new” is? After all, we still have the same president and the same problems repeated daily on the “news blues.” Our New Year’s resolutions still harbor the same gripes and opinions.

We want to change, but we cannot seem to get beyond a cultural depression. Although we mark this new year as “2018” maybe we should mark it 4.5618 billion years (the approximate age of Earth) or 202,018, the approximate age of the Homo sapiens species. Continue reading “TIME TO BECOME ULTRA-HUMAN?” »


From Guest blogger Louis Bélanger

I am from Québec City, Canada, and I organised recently a couple of activities to ‘experience’ in ‘real life’ Teilhard’s writings and ideas.

More on me later below for those interested in knowing more on my ‘démarche’, or ‘approach’, but let’s say I tend to be more on the ‘action’side and thus go to the essential as far as ideas are concerned, even though I am an artist and an intellectual as well (see below). This is why I wrote a ’12 points summary’ essay on Teilhard ideas (see the document appended).

The activities I organised recently were a Cosmic (evolution) walk, and a Noosphere-themed Labyrinth walk. These activities were held during a ‘5 days of Christian prayer’ held in November in Québec City. During the week, more than 50 different groups held 1-hour prayer sessions, in the style of their own spiritual practices.  Traditional groups from different Christian denominations coexisted with more ‘far fetched’ spiritual ones.  I was of course the one who organised these last!   I like to call myself the ‘cosmic churchwarden’ (I am church warden in my own parish). Continue reading “A COSMIC WALK AND A LABYRINTH WALK” »

Merry Christmas to all

The following reflection and prayer by Guest Blogger Matthew Cook was inspired by Teilhard de Chardin and Gerard Manley Hopkins.

I am enlightened by what Teilhard and Hopkins said about anticipation and hope, but I am inspired by how they lived it. In fulfillment of their special vow to God, they accepted missions to places foreign to them, separated from colleagues, family, and friends. There they lived their last years and died. In the last few lines he ever wrote, Hopkins said “I want the one rapture of an Inspiration,” echoing his words in his first published poem, O, Christ, Christ, come quickly.

Here is my “on the way” prayer- beginning and ending with Hopkins’ words from his first poem.

Jesu Light, Jesu Heart, take and receive, all I have and all I am, so that You may have me and I may have Love, my true self, and happiness in the Source of All, the Love Energy of All, and the Rhythm and Harmony of All, now and forever. O, Christ, Christ, come quickly.



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